And now for something completely different … the Wonder Woman Museum HO Scale building … Found some little Super Hero statues at the Dollar Tree and grabbed a few different one Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and ¬†thought ‘Hey there is a giant Superman in Metropolis IL and the Superman Museum so why not build something like that?’ and since I have Superman and Batman and Might find some more I may do those too depending on if this one sales.
anyway about the model this is all custom sizes and modified decals to fit this building with a hand scribed base and some mistakes at no additional cost. The footprint is 6″X8″ and it’s 4″ tall – lit with two 12vdc LED’s it will come bare wired unless you want it wired for a 110VAC plug than that’ll be about $20.00 – as for price I’m entertaining offers as I’ve never made one like this before and don’t know where to start … might just toss it up on ebay and see where it goes.

Here are the pics …