REVISED and UPDATED March 21, 2017

First know pricing is not set in stone some rather sample or smaller designs can and have run less, these are only estimates.

WHAT DO CUSTOM SETS COST? Custom sets can run from as little $20 (minimum price) to well over $100 and more, on average most custom sets run in the $30.00 to $40.00 range for ONE CUSTOM 4.25X5.5 set. The more custom work and design time needed the more expense involved. The more ready to go art you can provide the less it cost. The more custom and original design work you want obviously the more expense involved.

Custom sets available in 4X2.5 – 4X5 – 5X8 – 8X10 the size depends on what you want. Occasionally odd size sets are made as needed.

IF YOU NEED MORE THAN ONE – Custom prices are for the first set layout and setup, additional sets with NO modification are greatly reduced based on the size and quantity you need.
Example – you get one 4.25X5.5″ custom set laid out and designed for $25.00 – $35.00 but you need 4 more, the 4 additional sets would be $7.50 each.

READY TO PRINT – Generally ready print decals are a lot cheaper – if you provide READY TO PRINT art the print run as follows …
(Ready to Print – you provide finish, sized, no editing needed files)

4X5 set $7.50 plus shipping
8X5 set $15 plus shipping
8X11 set $25 plus shipping

I can handle most any file format, however jpg, gif, tiff, png, psd, pfd etc work best.

Pricing subject to change without notice or updates to this page.

I am sure this is as clear as mud so if you have questions just email me at or call 270-970-2105 (between 9AM and 8PM CST)