I have installed a NEW CONTACT FORM the last one was not sending messages at times and it was rather annoying, hopefully this one is better! 

I’ve had reports of some people getting errors when trying to send me a message, generally I get the message but if you want to be sure you can email me directly at or call 270-970-2105 between 10AM and 8PM CST if I do not answer please leave a message and the best time to reach you as I do not live with my phone.

PLEASE NOTE: I answer all emails so if you do not get a reply I didn’t get your email. I’ve had issues with hotmail and yahoo that I know about. So if you do not get a reply please call the number above!


Dave Milburn
PO Box 1
Farmington KY

If you need to send graphic files please email them to

Please take a minute to read the CUSTOM WORK REQUEST PAGE as a lot of your questions can be answered there …

Comments or questions are welcome.

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