What decal do you need? White? Clear? Cardstock?

Please understand all decals must be cut out, they are not die cut this give me the ability to customize and resize as need for you the customer. Sets are available in most scale even if not listed so please check with me on pricing for larger sets. A O Scale set is actually 4 time larger than a HO set in surface area. It is twice as wide and twice as tall.

WHITE DECALS – Print on white decal transfer film suitable for dark backgrounds.

CLEAR DECALS  – Printed on clear decal transfer film suitable for light (white light gray) backgrounds. TIP: You can underpaint the location of the decals placement with other colors to provide and more aged look. Please see the first part my video hydrocal build part three for more on this right here …


CARDSTOCK – more inexpensive and great for board signage, billboards and posters or anything that you want to be more dimensional on a surface and not have the painted on look to it.

PEEL AND STICK – Self adhesive that strengthens over time and not so sticky you can not reposition it if needed. Same applied as with the waterslide decal, cut out, white is on white and clear is on clear and no white will appear on the decal once removed from the sheet. Peel and Stick is a special order I keep a very limit supply on hand so if you choice these you might have a delay in delivery.

As always if you need help or have questions please contact me through the contact page or Facebook.

Thanks Dave