Why buy Dave’s Decals over all overs? Sure there are some cheaper decals out there and there are some that cost more so why buy mine?

  1. All images are carefully selected for quality and clarity – as much printable space is utilized as possible so you not getting a bunch of blank decal film.

  2. Each image is repaired to remove as much modern ‘pollution’ as possible like graffiti, posters, electrical wires, people etc.

  3. Perspective is repaired and restored for each image and the color is improved in addition to missing image bits replaced were possible.

  4. Original dimension are preserved, unlike a lot of other decals I’ve seen the images are not stretched or shortened to fill space. I use the utmost care to insure each images is restored to look as it did in both color and dimensions decades ago.

  5. Only the best white and clear waterslide decal paper is used and they are printed on a professional photographic printer in a 8 color process or 5 color process depending on the need of color depth. Both laser and inkjet are used, inkjet requiring additional steps to insure that the color is properly sealed. While many home printers are only 300 to 600 dpi I use processes up to 9600 dpi for extra sharpness and clarity of images.

  6. Only original factory printing ink are used – and I NEVER use cheap aftermarket dyes that will run, chip and fade in a short amount of time.

  7. Most importantly I take a great deal of pride in my work and if I’m not happy with the product it does not go out the door. PERIOD.

And that is why you should buy Dave’s Decals, because if it’s not good enough for me, its not good enough for you.