Effective  November 1, 2017

Need a custom model built? I can do it – what use to be simple agreement has gotten complicated thanks to those that place orders and never pay. Sorry thank them.

Prices do not include the cost of kits or materials.
Prices vary based on if it’s plastic, hydrocal or wood
These are general working prices not set in stone.

Commercial kits generally start at $150 each if you know which ones you want built, painted and detailed.
If you are wanting a specific style and I have to spend hours look through 100’s of kits and track down something close  to what you want or find a OOP kit prices starts at $275.
Scratch built starts at $500 depending on the size level of detail and  availability of detail parts.

These are stand alone starting pricing only, no diorama or sidewalk details added unless included with the kit.
The addition of a diorama base with basic detailing start at $100 additional.
LED and SMD LED Interior and exterior lighting extra.
Custom design decals extra, stock decals no charge.

Deposit – once a price range is agreed upon a 25% -50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required depending on size of job. This covers the cost of materials and insure that should you change your mind my cost are covered. So should something happens that you no longer need or want the commissioned work you will forfeit your deposit and the piece.

When the model is complete I will send you pictures all the way around for your approval and if no changes are needed at that time the balance of the model and shipping will be due. Upon full payment I will mail your purchase out to you securely pack Priority Mail with tracking unless stated shipping is not included in the build price.

Should you not pay the balance within 30 business days without arrangement otherwise the model and deposit are forfeited and will be sold. If you supplied the un-built kit it will be forfeited as part of the deposit.

I’m an easy going and fair guy if you need extra time to pay or to make arrangements, I get it – things happen, but the built model will not be shipped until paid in full, no exceptions.

Pricing and terms subject to change without notice or updates to this page, please check with me for any changes.