Effective December 6th 2014

Need a custom model built or custom decals? I can do it.

But first – I actually hate Terms and Condition you know your word is your word, but after a few cancellations due to spousal objection or you just changed your mine I’ve had to add them. Sorry but it is what it is.

1. We agree on a model and the style/appearance you want and then the most important part we agree upon a price. Most stand alone models can be built and painted in the $150-$300 price range depending on the cost of the kit or if you supply the kit. A DPM kit might cost $15.00 whereas a Downtown Deco might cost $80.00 and craftmans style kit the sky is the limit from $100 to way over a $1000 for an un-built kit. So naturally, the type of kit, if it’s a dioramas and certain add on will run higher and some stand alone models based on size complexity and degree of detail can run more or less than the average fare. If you should buy several I’ll work with you on the volume pricing.

A stand alone model is just what it sounds like … stands alone with no base detail work like the addition of sidewalks, grass, trees, people etc. Those are considered dioramas. The model pictured above is a stand alone. So unless a kit includes a sidewalk details, they are not included.

2. Deposit – once a price range is agreed upon a 25% -50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required depending on size of job. This covers the cost of materials and insure that should you change your mind my cost are covered. So should something happens that you no longer need or want the commissioned work you will forfeit your deposit and the piece.

3. When the model is complete I will send you pictures all the way around for your approval and if not changes are needed at that time the balance of the model and shipping will be due. Upon full payment I will mail your purchase out to you securely pack Priority Mail with tracking.

Should you not pay the balance within 10 business days without arrangement otherwise the model and deposit are forfeited and will be sold. If you supplied the un-built kit it will be forfeited as part of the deposit.

I’m an easy going and fair guy if you need extra time to pay or to make arrangements, I get it – things happen, but the built model will not be shipped until paid in full.

I hate having terms and condition but a few bad apples ruin the bunch … you might be the greatest guy in the world but until I’ve known you awhile and done business with you – I don’t know that. I hate it but it is the times we live in.

Thank you for your business and understanding.