I have not got in the store yet as I’m figuring out how to do the shipping so it will combine if you add additional decals. I don’t want you to be gouged. Once I figure that out I’ll have links, in the meantime call me or email me.

Pabst Kit
Stroh’s Kit
Texaco Kit

THE QUONSET KIT’S are ready the first of them anyway, more coming if there is an interest in these. I have a very limited quantity available so it’s first come first serve on these. 
In the works is a Bait Shop, another oil change place and probably a paint store. 
(Please note decals vary from the prototype) 
All of this together retail for over $27 plus shipping but I’m offering these for $22.50 plus $5 flat rate shipping. SPECIAL DEAL – add a LED05 or LED01 light for just $4 (Regularly $5.95) while supply last – 
If you would like one of these kits let me know and I’ll get you set up with one.