I think it’s fixed – I finally figured it out with ZERO useful help from my host provider, they were blaming php memory allocation, I need a VPS, it’s WordPress, it’s WooCommerce, it’s a plugin, it’s the Russians blah blah blah … and in the end it wasn’t any of that, I figured it out and since I know that they’ve been looking at the sight working on it I’m not saying what it was –  they can figure it out – but I’ll give them a hint it was on the server.

I also have the SSL security fixed so you should see the green https:// at the top. Seems they dropped the ball and didn’t reactivate my security certificate after I paid for it on time – so if you want any advice from me DO NOT USE IPOWER WEB HOSTING or any service that is part of ENDURANCE.COM which control a lot of the webhost … all they do is try to sell you more crap most which you don’t need. One I find a good host I’ll let you know as I’ll be moving.

Thanks for your patients. Dave