OK read this … due to shipping cost I don’t have this in the store yet but it’s available …

I have BALLAST with a GREAT nature color to it and here is an introductory offer – first come, first serve as I don’t have a lot so don’t delay. I have had a couple of guy test it and they really like it saying it looks so real. It does not dissolve in water (see photo) it’s stainable – I stained it with my weathering powders iron oxide red see photo in a overnight soak and rinsed it stained remained) so that’s good
I only have HO Scale Ballast in stock at this time and O scale pictured below is dependant on the demand but takes me about 1-2 weeks lead time to restock.
Here is the offer … In the US (sorry international would be impractical so if you do want some contact me about shipping) – in the US – I offering a SMALL PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX filled to the max (in a bag) which is about 3 lbs 11 oz. shipped for $27.50 each (see photo) it holds a full quart container and about a cup … that’s a lot of ballast.
If you don’t want that much and would like to try a smaller sample I’m offering a FIRST CLASS package filled to about 13 oz for $12.50 and if you want less than that a 5 oz pack shipped is $7.50 or 1 oz for $4.00… all of these are shipped with tracking.
Message me if you are interested in some. These is pre-packed so combined with other store items not available.

Bulk amounts will depend on amount but will probably start at about $5 a pound plus shipping.