I have installed a wishlist to the store and you can now add items to your wishlist that you’d like to save for later. Now I’ll say that I’m not 100% if you have to have an account or not or if it goes off a cookie or ID address – no idea.

But at the bottom the listing below the “ADD TO CART” .. there is a “ADD TO WISHLIST” so I hope this helps!

The link to your WISHLIST is under the menu on the left “SHOP NOW – Dave’s Online Store”

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  • Kevin Taylor

    Fina Gas station decals, anyone ? Mostly found in Texas and in the south.

    Also, more Tex-Mex or Mexican businesses. Laundry mat signs …

    I could keep going lol

  • jamcool

    Do you do white lettering on clear decals? I have artwork already made up.
    Also what size should the artwork be? Twice the size of the actual decal?

    • No sorry I can’t do white at this time. Hopefully in the future – when I don’t know it’s a pricey machine.
      The images I work with are huge in order to get the best result, 20 to 30 times the printed image.