I think it’s fixed – I finally figured it out with ZERO useful help from my host provider, they were blaming php memory allocation, I need a VPS, it’s WordPress, it’s WooCommerce, it’s a plugin, it’s the Russians blah blah blah … and in the end it wasn’t any of that, I figured it out and since I know that they’ve been looking at the sight working on it I’m not saying what it was –  they can figure it out – but I’ll give them a hint it was on the server.

I also have the SSL security fixed so you should see the green https:// at the top. Seems they dropped the ball and didn’t reactivate my security certificate after I paid for it on time – so if you want any advice from me DO NOT USE IPOWER WEB HOSTING or any service that is part of ENDURANCE.COM which control a lot of the webhost … all they do is try to sell you more crap most which you don’t need. One I find a good host I’ll let you know as I’ll be moving.

Thanks for your patients. Dave


Well the latest store updates rendered my old theme rather useless and I’ve had to update to a new theme and I have to learn all the ins and out of it all over again as if I have time to do that.  So please bare with me while I set up the new site and I make the 1000’s of adjustments as I figure it all out. Everything in the store should work right and the the check out is fine but if you see a problem let me know.
If you find anything that is not working or acting right please let me know just email the link to


OK POSTAL RATES ARE GOING UP AGAIN JANUARY 21st … so I’m going to start offering $1.00 domestic shipping with NO TRACKING. You can still get tracked shipping at checkout for $3.00 (for now) but I know a lot of people would rather give the post office less money, I know I would. So starting today I’m offering the additional shipping no tracking option of just $1.00 in the US ONLY. (Sorry rest of the world)
I’m going to try this for a while and if it works out I’ll keep it. Powder will still be package rate or $4.00 that includes tracking and US orders over $40.00 will ship free with tracking.



WOW!! It’s already October and and I haven’t made a post or update since Labor Day!! Geez where dies the time go? Ok a few things I’m working on …

1.) New sets coming .. some military, automotive and business sets. When? I don’t know, but I’m working on it.
2.) Resin vending machines I’m working on them too … again when I don’t know?
3.) Vacuum forms awning I’ve been on this project for a long time and I just haven’t had the time needed to devote to it but I hope to get some this winter! I’m only about a year behind on this project!
4.) Some new powders if I ever get around to listing them, I can’t sell them if I don’t list them is what I tell myself!
5.) A few other then that are early early in the planning stage so early in fact I don’t know if I’m going to do them.

Ok that’s if for now I hope to do a video update this week and get at least one new set out.

Have a great one! Dave


OK had a fella tell me he sent and massage and I didn’t get it, as you know I reply to all messages and if I don’t it because I didn’t see it so if you send a message via the contact form and I don’t reply email me and let me know, because I don’t want to ignore anyone’s contact.
CONTACT FORM can be found here.


I had a custom report they were getting a store error at checkout … I think I have that problem resolved but if you do have problem with your checkout please let me know and I can take you order over the phone or via email.

BTW I have a lot of great deals and a lot of powders and light and the new HO ballast. Have a look.


I know you are shocked I’d make a typo … (said very sarcastically) but one reader kindly pointed out that I said  … “  

“Dave’s Decals would like to announce that our decals will NOT be in a few selected Carolina Craftman’s Kits

That should read …  

“Dave’s Decals would like to announce that our decals will NOW be in a few selected Carolina Craftman’s Kits

Hey it was 2 AM when I typed this out I should really start doing these when I’m awake.

Ooops cover that?